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50x your monthly Amazon reviews


Amazon TOS compliant


Verified purchase review

We have a large Twitch community of over 100K potential customers who love finding great Amazon deals and enjoy supporting their favorite creators through a gamified purchase and optional review process, resulting in a 90% review rate.

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Stand out from thousands of faceless Amazon brands

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Effective and affordable influencer marketing that actually drives traction, sales, and reviews

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Your customers see their favorite streamers as friends, not celebrities

Unlike traditional influencer marketing, MVPeek is built on the unique relationship between streamers and viewers. Streamers on our platform are viewed by their audience as "friends," creating an unwavering foundation of trust and authenticity. When you sponsor our streamers, their loyal viewers are genuinely excited to learn about your products and work together as a community to achieve creators' sponsorship goals.

Effective & affordable
User Generated Content
that elevates your brand

We provide streamers with training to create authentic, informative, high energy UGC videos that effectively represent your brand. Get up to 10 high quality demo/review videos per month for your Amazon listing, A+ content, social media, and/or paid ads. Our UGC costs 10 times less than typical Instagram sponsored campaigns, yet delivers superior results for your brand.

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Higher likelihood of positive reviews driven by community engagement

By involving the community in live voting sessions, creators select products that align with audience interests, fostering an unique sense of connection and ownership among viewers.

Streamers only choose to be sponsored by products they genuinely believe in after trying them out. While we do not guarantee positive reviews and strictly prohibit biased reviews, viewers are naturally inclined to support authentic endorsements made by streamers they trust, often resulting in a higher likelihood of positive reviews.

The #1 compliant solution to boost reviews and Amazon rankings

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higher click-through-rate (CTR) than Amazon paid ads

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higher CTR than traditional influencer marketing campaigns with greater customer purchase intent




more sales per month, leading to top of page and search ranking and an increase in organic traffic and sales

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more sales conversion than Instagram, Tiktok, and other traditional influencer marketing campaigns

You're looking for us because...

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You just launched on Amazon and you're trying to gain credibility and traction

You went through Amazon Vine, but you're still nowhere near the amount of reviews of your top competitors, so even your top-of-search sponsored ads aren't performing competitively enough.

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Your sales are negatively impacted by a few 1-3 star reviews

You know your product is not representative of your star rating, but you're struggling with gaining customers' trust. Not only do your ads not convert, but your Amazon rankings are severely affected.

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You struggle to reach 1000 reviews and stand out in your competitive niche

Despite years of selling on Amazon, your sales over time have slowed and rankings have dropped, making it even harder to compete against competitors that have accumulated thousands of reviews.

Affordable pricing tailored to small businesses

Monthly subscription-based model with a focus on performance


Monthly subscription
(per parent ASIN)

$75 USD / $100 CAD

Enroll 10 units

Up to 10 sales/reviews

Up to 2 UGC video demos/reviews

Additional costs

Up to 5 samples sent to creators

Up to 10 products provided for free to full-purchasing customers*

15% Amazon referral fee per product retail unit


Monthly subscription
(per parent ASIN)

$200 USD / $240 CAD

Enroll 35 units

11-35 sales/reviews

pricing adjusted to BASIC tier if 10 or less units were sold

Up to 5 UGC video demos/reviews

Additional costs

Up to 10 samples sent to creators

Up to 35 products provided for free to full-purchasing customers*

15% Amazon referral fee per product retail unit


Monthly subscription
(per parent ASIN)

$400 USD / $520 CAD

Enroll 100 units

36-100 sales/reviews

pricing adjusted to STANDARD tier if 6-35 units were sold or BASIC tier if 5 or less units were sold

Up to 10 UGC video demos/reviews

Additional costs

Up to 15 samples sent to creators

Up to 100 products provided for free to full-purchasing customers*

15% Amazon referral fee per product retail unit

*As part of our rebate and sponsorship process, businesses will pre-fund their product retail price($)  x 10 / 35 / 100 units. Customers will pay full price for your product and completely cover your pre-fund costs. Businesses will be refunded for all pre-funded units that have not been purchased. A partial refund will also be issued in the rare event of a purchase without a voluntary review.

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