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Consistent, monthly income doing what you love

Designed for Twitch creators by Twitch creators

Make up to 85% commission on Amazon products that both you and your community love.

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Step 1

Set up sponsorship goals & interactive rewards for your community

Step 2

Host live voting sessions with your community

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Step 3

Be invited to be sponsored by cool Amazon products

Step 4

Go live, demo, and review products exclusive to your community

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Step 5

Earn up to 85% commission when your community 
contributes to your sponsorship

Step 6

Easily track payments and enjoy timely payouts

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Created by streamers for streamers

Why creators love working with us

We are proud to put streamers’ needs first. Our team emphasizes the struggles of our creators and optimizes to maximize streamers’ commissions. We work with our sponsors to ensure that our streamers can make 5x higher commission than the industry average and provide their communities with exclusive rebates in the form of Amazon and Twitch gift cards.

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Unmatched consistent income and 5x higher commissions

Creators receive exclusive sponsorship invitations and make up to 85% commission on every sponsored product on a monthly basis.


Relevant sponsorships voted by your community

Creators can choose sponsorships that are only relevant and interesting to both themselves and their communities through our interactive in-app voting process, resulting in more authentic content that strengthens their brand.


Interactive tools to help you reach your sponsorship goals

Creators are provided with interactive in-app tools that make sponsorships fun and rewarding, empowering their communities to enjoy participating in sponsorships to support their favorite creators.


Protection from abusive users

Creators moderate sponsorship rebate requests to prevent spam, unwarranted abuse, and harmful behaviors from trolls and unrecognized users who are not from their communities.

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Easy tracking & timely payments

Creators can accurately track the progress of their sponsorships and are paid on-time at the end of every following month.


Privacy-first policy

All delivery details and personal information are securely stored for both creators and members of their communities.


We're waiting for you...

You're a great fit if you have +1000 followers on Twitch, +15 CCV, and a fun and supportive community!

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